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About Mallhar cottages Room

At Mallhar Sea View cottages,time comes to a standstill as you rejuvenate and refresh your mind with beautiful sights and soothing sounds of Nature.Our cottages are not only appealing from outside but also quite cosy from inside. They are built to suit the city crowd, yet encompass natural elements. Be it cottages for family stay in Anjarle or for solo travellers, we cater to all kinds of accommodation to suit each one’s requirements.

We offer decent Deluxe AC Room which has attached private bathroom with hot water facility. The rooms are open to the environment friendly view of Sea.

Occupancy Max three Persons
Room Type AC Deluxe Room
Atmosphere Family Friendly
Check in Time 1.00 PM
Check Out Time 12.00 AM
Room Service Available on request
In House Restaurant Yes

Deluxe Ac Room

5000 .2800 Price for 3 Guest for 1 nights

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Anjarle Tourist Information

Anjarle is located on the western coast in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is one of the safest and widest beach in the Konkan region. The place is famous for ecotourism activities like the turtle festival. Anjarle beach is a place where people flock every week to spend a quiet and serene weekend filled with every possible tourist activity. Anjarle is popular beach destination in dapoli. Anjarle beach offers many tourist attractions. Everything from seeing the scenic beach and its enchanting waves to the places of worship is in Anjarle. The place is famous for its clean and sandy beaches and turtle festival. Anjarle is famous for its untouched beaches and Konkani style huts covered with coconut trees. The place has historical significance for the famous 'Kadyavarcha Ganpati' built of wooden pillars in the 12th century. It is a small port about 4 miles south of Ade and 2 miles north of Suvarnadurg, near the mouth of the river Jog. There is tropical forests, lush greenery, famous Alfonso mangoes, endless coconut groves and clear white sand, endless ocean of blue green water and the sun in front of your eyes when you go there. Premises and culture are another welcome element, where you can relax in the lush tropical forests and enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest!

Anjarle Beach

On the way north from Dapoli, a beautiful winding road leads to the village of Anjarle. Once you cross the mountains, a breathtaking view greets you with all its splendor and serenity. By the same token, the land on Anjarle beach has acquired and maintained one of the cleanest and most polluted beaches in Ratnagiri. The wide unobstructed virgin stretch is a constant attraction for locals and visitors alike. The Anjarle beach in Konkan is about 2 km long, it is a beautiful place that touches your heart. If you like solitude and want to enjoy the tranquility of nature up close, Anjarle beach in Maharashtra is your ideal choice. Anjarle beach near Dapoli town is famous for its well known Ganpati temple and hundreds of devotees come here to seek blessings. The name Anjarle comes from a nearby village that is known for its lush green beauty. You will be able to spend time with friendly locals and participate in the hospitality offered at Anjarle Beach Maharashtra.

You have the sea stretching to the horizon and the fantastic boundary of small boats traveling in distant waters. On the front side, you are greeted by a long strip of beach with turns and tidal writing. Between February and May each year, Anjarle Beach witnesses a myriad of young turtles hatching their eggs, blinking their eyes, suddenly emerging from the golden sandy beach, being cautious, and breathing the fresh salty air of the nearby Arabian Sea. And then, at ‘Turtle Speed’, they begin their mission - to the inviting cold sea waters, even though more than two thousand enthusiastic nature lovers and foreigners have witnessed this miracle of nature. Anjarle Beach is about 24 km from Dapoli and you can take a state transport bus, rickshaw and shared jeep to get there. So if you will plan a trip to Konkanpatti, Don't forget to visit Anjarle Beach! Places to visit in Anjarle is unique for its culture, language, religion, cuisine, landscapes, water resources and climate diversity. Anjarle cuisine has a wide variety and is famous for its many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made from local herbs, vegetables and fruits. Anjarle has witnessed all four seasons and each climate experience in Anjarle is different.

Things to do in Anjarle

Anjarle Beach is one of the best places to see on the beach as there are very few beaches in maharashtra that match the scenic splendor of Anjarle Beach. The color of the sand is white and it reflects the sunlight above, making it shine like a diamond layout. The green cover of palms and trees ensures that nature is ubiquitous and watchable on the beach. The beach is very long, about two kilometers making it perfect for a lazy walk at sunset. So sitting lazily in the white sand in the sun is a great way to spend a weekend at Anjarle. When you travel to Anjarle you will love to visit popular tourist destinations in anjarle and enjoy the local culture. Among other things to do in Anjarle, you can definitely find some great things to do in Anjarle to make your trip perfect. A trip to Anjarle involves exploring the attractions of Anjarle and visiting the sights.

  • Shri Ganesh Temple
  • Karde Beach
  • Ladghar Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Keshavraj Temple
  • Suvarnadurg Fort
  • Kelshi Beach
  • Shree Vyaghreswar Temple
  • Bankot Fort

Best time to visit Anjarle

The best time to visit Anjarle Beach is in winter, i.e. November, December, January, February and March. At low tide in winter, Anjarle Beach turns into a bird watcher's paradise as it attracts many spicy birds around the beach. Even in the rainy season, it is a good time to visit Anjarle. It is not advisable to visit Anjarle Beach in summer as the temperature here is very hot and humid in summer. This place is accessible all year round. The Turtle Festival is celebrated from February to May. Overall a different experience. The monsoon rains last from June to October. Tourists should check the high and low tide times before entering the sea. These incidents should be avoided as tides in the rainy season can be dangerous.

Anjarle Accommodation

If you are plaining to visit anjarle you need to find accommodation options. We provides Best hotels in Anjarle and those are your perfect options as they provides modern amenities & facilities. Mallhar cottages, Anjarle is one of the best options for Anjarle resorts with large rooms, excellent nature view, best room amenities. You can enjoy a world class experience in the best beach resorts in anjarle. find your accommodation in popular areas of anjarle and stay at budget anjarle resorts with Ac, non Ac, Luxuey rooms, king size bed, traditional kokani food. Choose rooms form our cheap anjarle hotels and book your stay now.